Megan S. – Lawrenceville NJ

“While I have always been an active & fit person, running nearly 4 days a week, muscle toning was never my strong suit. The thought of lifting weights and doing sit-ups seemed boring, tedious and down-right scary. In fact, I had always felt that intimidated by the ‘boy area’ of the gym.
Believe me when I say that this last year has completely changed my body… and my outlook on weight training! Pete knows that I am always ready for an upper body weight exercise and that no FUSE class is complete without his diverse, yet strategic core body exercise routine. Each class is different from the last, with varying exercises focusing on rotating muscle groups. This format has helped to strengthen & tone my entire body. The group dynamic, as well as, Pete’s motivational push, have me looking forward to each new class… I am completely addicted!!
The icing on the cake came this past February, while I was on vacation. My husband & I hit the hotel gym and boy was he surprised when he saw me utilizing resistance bands, medicine balls and free weights to perform a vast array of exercises. Due to Pete’s personal attention and know how, I finally have the confidence that I had been lacking for so long.”