Rebecca Z.

Rebecca's Old Clothes

Rebecca sent me this picture to show me why she was “mad” at me for her weight loss!

“I’ve been going to FUSE for just 5 months and have seen incredible results. I started seeing results within the first month and started to feel stronger and more energetic almost immediately! I’ve always been fit, but was in an exercise slump before I started FUSE. I was bored with my normal routine of cardio and some weight lifting, and I was not seeing any benefits or results from what I was doing. FUSE was the perfect change I needed and the results I saw were extremely motivating. In addition to providing great workouts, Pete also gave me nutritional advice to help me benefit more from my workouts. After keeping a food diary for a week, Pete sat down with me and gave me some ideas of how I could change my diet in order to see more results. All of his suggestions were completely doable and I feel more full and more satisfied throughout the day than I did before. In less than five months, I lost over 10 lbs, but even more amazingly, I have gone from a size 6 or 8 to a 2 or 0 – sizes I never imagined I would wear. I joke with Pete that he owes me money for all of the new clothes I need to buy, but it is absolutely worth it. I am stronger, healthier, and most importantly, happier than I have ever been.”