Q. What is a fitness Boot Camp?

A. Fitness boot camps are fitness sessions that should involve a mixture of many different types of exercise, such as: aerobic, anaerobic, weight lifting, plyometrics, bodyweight movements, agility, stretching, etc. The environment should feel intense and energetic.

Q. Why is FUSE Fitness & Performance Boot Camp different than other boot camps?

A. I like to think that what makes FUSE different from other boot camps is the attention each client gets during the class. I do my best to make sure I am correcting everyone in the session, so you are always doing the exercises right. Some boot camps shove 20-30 people in a room (I’ve even seen one brag they had 56 in a class) and run you through your routine. But, how on earth can one trainer see everything that is going on and stop any dangerous/unhealthy movement patterns? I keep the classes under 12 people because I want each client to learn something that they can take and use outside the session. Also, I believe my education, 14 years experience and my constant drive to be a better trainer, sets my sessions apart from others.

Q. If I’m not already in shape, can I still do it?

A. YES! I get this question a lot. I am here to teach all levels. I modify each session for every fitness level and will bring you up to speed slowly (but only separating you from the group when it is called for). There is no rush, you will not be belittled or yelled at for not keeping up. You will be encouraged to slowly increase your intensity as you learn more. We are in this for the long haul! I want to build your confidence up, so sooner then you think, you are going full steam ahead with everyone else!

Q. Will you yell at me if I am not doing something right?

A. No yelling. No whistle blowing, ok, that’s a lie. I will get a little loud sometimes. But not at anyone, but I will yell for the group to pick up the intensity or move quicker etc. all very appropriate for the situation. Never yelling with anger.

Q. Will you measure me, weigh me or test my body fat?

A. No. In my experience as soon as I take a measurement, THAT becomes the all consuming goal. I want my clients to be concentrating on doing something positive for themselves. Not reaching an arbitrary goal that turns to a negative the minute something goes haywire. Life has ups and downs, concentrate on the positive health benefits of your hard work, not the ½ pound you gained yesterday because of some extra sodium you ate. This approach is very different then what you will hear from most trainers. You might hear from other trainers something to the effect of “if you can measure, you can change it”. My way of monitoring results, is 1) How do you feel? (this is the most important) 2)take out or buy the jeans, shirt, dress, swimsuit, etc that you want to fit in. On the same day, once a month, try it on. Clothes don’t change unless you shrink them. You will know if you doing things right. I could go on for days about this and how trainers abuse the measuring systems. Please ask me if you want more information

Q. Do you guarantee I will lose weight?

A. I guarantee that I will put you in the position to lose weight. There are 168 hours in a week, and if you come to class 3 times a week, that leaves you with 165 hours on your own. I don’t say this to take responsibility off of me. I say it to illustrate the point that YOU must take part in the process on a daily basis. I will help you with your diet and also help you put together a program for the days you are not at FUSE. As long as you stay consistent (this doesn’t mean suffering) then you will succeed, whatever your goal.

Q. Can I do it just once a week and still get results?

A. Yes, you can. As long as you do some work in-between sessions you will definitely see a difference. I will help you set up what to do on your off days, so that when you get back to our session you are ready to go and ready to push yourself further. If you show up once a week without doing anything in-between, you never get the full benefits of the sessions

Q. What types of exercises and activities are included in the program?

A. Joint mobility, body weight training (using Redcord suspension training system, see it here (Redcord), free weight training, medicine ball training, plyometric training (jumping, agility work), aerobic training (running), anaerobic training (sprinting, sled pushing), stretching, plus more.

Q. WHOA, wait, I’m a women and you said we will use weights. Will I get bulky and too muscular?

A. No, unless you are on a special diet or hormone program I don’t know about. You will gain some muscle, but this is a very good thing. Besides being stronger in everyday life, you will also be raising your resting metabolic rate. Which means you will burn more calories through out the day without even trying!

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

A. NEVER! I will not ask you to sign a 4-week, 8-week, 12-week or 1 year contract like a lot of other boot camps. You pay for the classes you want and if you’re not happy and want to stop, you stop. I want my clients to be in class because the WANT to be, not because they are caught in a contract. I know people will tell you they use the contracts to make it more difficult for a person to quit and bail out when it gets tough. I use my classes for that.