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Peter Kowalewski

Peter Kowalewski - Owner of FUSE Fitness Performance

Peter Kowalewski – Owner of FUSE Fitness Performance

Peter Kowalewski is the proprietor of FUSE and has been training for 18 years since graduating with his degree in Kinesiology from WCU. The bulk of his training career was in Manhattan NY, and he still maintains a client base there. Peter’s passion drives him to always be a student of the trade and to improve his knowledge daily. He lives in Lawrenceville with his wife Stephanie (Heavenly Hounds Training), their beautiful daughter Hayden and their adorable son Peter III.

Sebastian Bravo


Sebastian Bravo

Sebastian is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping people. He resides in Hamilton, NJ, with his 3 1/2 dogs. He has participated in every sport from, soccer, football, track, cross country, and wrestling. He is a coach that serves as the “in between” for people and their end goal. Whether its to lose little or gain a lot of muscle, become faster or stronger, Sebastian can assist you in getting results while working smart and safe. He is Redcord certified and is currently working towards his NASM certification.

“Be Well” Michele Kersman

Michele left a successful business career to pursue her passion for health and fitness. She returned to college as an adult student and graduated in 2013 as Physical Therapist Assistant with a dual major in Exercise Science.

She currently practices in 3 outpatient physical therapy facilities treating a diverse population of patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Michele also believes that “Exercise is Medicine” and one of the most important aspect of abundant health is the ability to move with ease. Her goal is to help individuals learn how to care for their bodies to reduce pain, prevent injury, and optimize performance with all functional and recreational activities.

Michele considers herself a life long student and within the last year alone has taken over 90 hours of continuing education classes. Michele lives in Langhorne, PA with her husband John.